Search Engine Optimization is a system technique which used for ranking a website in the search engine ranking page. All the search engines have some algorithm that follows to separate the quality blogs and extract them from the billions of websites that created from all over the world.

Every site must have SEO to rank their site according to with the particular niche. This optimization is also a part to identify the viewers that what the blogger correctly tried to say. So, let into the topic to know what it is and how it works in each search engine.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization has two major types

1. On – Page SEO
2. Off – Page SEO

On -Page SEO

The website has some set of rules which must display in the search engine. In the first type of SEO that is On – Page SEO the site which is to be altered by changing the HTML coding tags if necessary to improve the ranking in SERP page. There are many tags needed to optimize the site’s Search Engine Optimization. Such as Meta description, Meta keywords, keywords must appear in the title and heading tags, etc.

These Meta tag contents are not shown on the website. It only shows on the search engine while the appropriate keyword is searched. And this is for analyzing a site and indexing to the appropriate niche. This is known as Crawling the websites.

This crawling process is done by the Google algorithm regularly and finds the modified and new websites to its indexing page. Due to regular crawling, the ranking of the sites frequently changes if it is not strong or not customer focused in the Search engine’s perspective.

Off –Page SEO

On the other hand Off – Page Search Engine Optimization working with links which are playing a significant role. That is the website which is needed to be rank in Google, that must link to another site which has high authority.
Every website split with the niche and appropriate metrics.

There are several niches included while crawling the websites. By analyzing the content, Google decides which niche the site is pointing. Niche such as Home, Entertainment, Health, Sports, Marketing, Parenting, etc. and also sub-niches available according to the main niches.

Link building – Search Engine Optimization

As I said before, links built in the high authoritative sites which help to rank on the SERP page. The high authoritative sites such as Google (DA-100), YouTube (DA-100), Wikipedia (DA-100), Facebook (DA-100), etc. This is because of the traffic engaged in these websites are high and high when compared with the other sites. So, every website has appropriate metrics to divide the websites.

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List of the main metrics used in search engine optimization 2018

DA – Domain Authority
PA – Page authority
TF – Trust Flow
CF – Citation Flow

Note: PR is also a type of metrics, but it was outdated a few months ago.


Steps to modify and increase your website ranking using Search Engine Optimization

1. First of all, we need to focus on the niche and major Keywords that we used for our blog. So give more research on keywords and what niche that we use.

2. After analyzing the keywords, analyzing the competitor’s websites and this will help to have an idea of starting.
3. Choose less competition keyword and select the appropriate niche with the keyword.

4. While building the website, we must know about the Meta tags that I mentioned above. So gather some points that how Meta tags must be.

5. The content is more important than anything. So use your content without using pirated or other’s original content to your website or blog. It will harm and may penalize your website.

6. After setting up all the things on your website, use some plugins such as Yoast, All in one SEO pack etc. which helps to show how the search engine results will attain with the current setup.

7. Then analyzing the competitor’s web links history to gather the backlink details which he/she made for their websites.

8. Use the history of backlinks; try to build on the same websites or likely other same authoritative clean internet sites.

9. And finally, the website must be submitted in the Google webmaster tool to index your websites After that search engine spiders crawl your site.

10. Now, you see the website posts in the search engine only after links to the websites are crawled.
These are the major things to know about the search engine optimization while building a new website or blog. Also, edit the existing blog if the SEO is poor. Due to re-crawl by the Google or any other search engine, it will be accepted and indexed again and again.