Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessary thing to rank a website in any search engine. There are some metrics which need to analyze the quality of the sites. Some of the major metrics used are,

1. Moz Domain Authority
2. Moz Page Authority
3. Majestic Trust Flow
4. Majestic Citation Flow.

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Keyword analysis for a website

For the best SEO, keyword analysis is an important thing for a website. Because keywords are important for ranking and the optimization must be performed based on those keywords. There are different types of keywords used in the websites or blogs.

1. Long Tail keyword
2. Short Tail keyword
3. Generic keyword

The long tail keyword has more than two words which people search. Question type keywords are also coming under this keyword type. Ex: How to rank a website within a week? , Earn money with the new blogs.
The short tail is like a one-word keyword. Ex: SEO, keywords.

Generic keywords are searched with more unspecific. For ex: backpacks, running shoes.
Select the keywords with more number of search volumes and high CPC values. Also, search keywords with the competition which must be low as much as it can.

How should the text content be?

The text content is the most important in SEO point of view as like backlinks. So it must be unique and clear to read by the viewer. Google and other search engines love content which helps to assign the ranking of the websites. It’s nice to have more than 700 words article on a website which is more than enough to index and rank that particular page. The content should not appear in the same niche blogs like yours. So don’t copy the contents, themes and all the things from the other site to your site. This may cause ban by the Google.

Image or Video content

It’s great to use the image or video content with the text content. They also must be unique, and they help to engage into the website for a long time. So the site has decent bounce rate which is one of the ranking factors, and it is more than enough to rank.

How to build powerful backlinks?

Backlinks are the backbones of a website as like content, and it’s a most important search engine optimization technique. Every website has appropriate metrics, and Google also wants to prefer the high authority sites and high-quality sites to rank at first. There are many sources available to build backlinks in the top authoritative sites. Use forums, blog comments, social sharing sites, and social bookmarking websites to create backlinks point to your money site.

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Don’t spam the links

PBN and guest post links are plays significant role to build backlinks for a pay site. PBN which is known as private blog network which is used by many people for link building nowadays. On the other hand, guest post blogs have high authority and more traffic which gives the power to your site.

While building the links, don’t spam the links with placing the money site link openly around the content. This will cause penalize your website. Also, don’t build within the same blogs for different websites which are also a penalty.

How to get traffic to your money site?

Getting traffic to the money site is also a ranking factor in the Google’s SEO algorithm. And also it is an important thing while selling a product because there is a chance that the viewers may change into the buyers.
Getting the traffic is not simple, and It’s hard. You can use social media signals such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. to share your posts and websites to engage the traffic to your site.

This is because social media has some users and traffic is high when compared to the other websites. Also, use the Wikipedia like websites to pin up your links with the articles, and they must not look like spam. If it so, it will affect the SEO of your site. This will helps to increase the authority of your site and may also direct the traffic to your site.

Google algorithm

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Google has updated its algorithm frequently. So the websites must satisfy the SEO algorithm of the search engine. Now the current update of Google spider is Fred which is unofficial confirmation by the Google. This Fred update will focus on the website SEO which must be clean on every site. If Google finds any wrong in websites, it will get you penalized. But don’t panic, if you correct the problems that shown by the Google, the site will be accepted and re-index the page as usual.